Last edited on Sun Jan 22, 2017

Additional Terms and Conditions – Monthly Usage Allowance
Mediacom Online
® Service Plan Offerings
Effective January 22, 2017

Use of the Mediacom Online® service (“Service”) is subject to limits as set forth in the Mediacom Residential Customer and User Agreement (“Customer Agreement”), including limits to use of the Service for residential purposes and a monthly data usage allowance (“Monthly Usage Allowance”). Customers to one of the following service plans shall be subject to the Monthly Usage Allowance amount for their service plan as set forth in the table below as well as all other terms and conditions of the Customer Agreement and these Additional Terms and Conditions. By using the Service, Customer agrees to the Customer Agreement and to these Additional Terms and Conditions. Terms capitalized that are not defined below shall have the same meaning as defined in the Customer Agreement.

 The Monthly Usage Allowances currently in effect for each Service plan are:

Service Plan Download/Upload Speed Monthly Usage Allowance
Launch* 60Mbps/5Mbps 150 Gigabytes
Prime* 60Mbps/5Mbps 250 Gigabytes
Internet 60
(formerly Prime Plus)
60Mbps/5Mbps 350 Gigabytes
Internet 100
(formerly Ultra)
100Mbps/10Mbps 1000 Gigabytes
Internet 200
(formerly Ultra Plus)
200Mbps/20Mbps 2000 Gigabytes
Ultra Plus 3T** 200Mbps/20Mbps 3000 Gigabytes
Internet 500 500Mbps/30Mbps 4000 Gigabytes
1 Gig Internet 1000Mbps/50Mbps 6000 Gigabytes

*As of January 22, 2017, Launch and Prime Internet service are no longer available for subscription. Customers who subscribed to Launch and Prime Internet prior to January 22, 2017 will see an increase in their download/upload speeds to 60Mbps/5Mbps and their Monthly Usage Allowance will remain unchanged at 150GB and 250GB, respectively, per month. **As of January 22, 2017, Ultra Plus 3T Internet service is no longer available for subscription. Customers who subscribed to Ultra Plus 3T prior to January 22, 2017 will see an increase in their download/upload speeds to 1 Gig Internet or to Internet 200 until 1 Gig Internet becomes available in their area. In conjunction with the speed changes, their Monthly Usage Allowance will be increased from 3000 GB per month to 6000 GB per month.

Service plans, the amount of any Monthly Usage Allowance or whether a Monthly Usage Allowance is associated with any particular Service plan are subject to change at any time in Mediacom's sole discretion. The Monthly Usage Allowance does not: (a) give Customers or any user a right to any bandwidth at any particular moment in time; or (b) carry-over from month to month. Measurement of the Monthly Usage Allowance resets on the first day of the billing cycle, regardless of actual usage during the prior billing cycle. Bandwidth usage is measured for each monthly billing cycle, not by calendar month. The amount of bandwidth usage of Customer's account is the sole responsibility of Customer, whether or not such usage was by Customer or authorized by Customer.

If bandwidth usage of an account exceeds the amount of the applicable Monthly Usage Allowance, Mediacom may charge and Customer agrees to pay an additional monthly usage fee equal to ten dollars ($10) for each additional whole or partial block of 50 GB of usage (“Additional Monthly Usage Fee”). For example, if the Monthly Usage Allowance is 150 GB and 151 GB are actually used, the Additional Monthly Usage Fee would be $10. If the actual usage was 201GB, then the Additional Monthly Usage Fee would be $20. Additional Monthly Usage Fees are not prorated for partial billing cycles. The amount of the Additional Monthly Usage Fee does not include any applicable fees and taxes. The amount of the Additional Monthly Usage Fee and any limits on such amounts are subject to change at any time by Mediacom in its sole discretion. Additional Monthly Usage Fees will not appear on Customer's bills until the billing cycle after the Monthly Usage Allowance was exceeded. Any waiver of its right to bill, or rescission of any Additional Monthly Usage Fees in whole or in part by Mediacom, shall not constitute a future waiver of its right to charge and Customer's obligation to pay future Additional Monthly Usage Fees. Although Mediacom may attempt in the ordinary course of business to inform Customer prior to exceeding a Monthly Usage Allowance, whether or not Mediacom undertakes such attempt, or whether or not such attempt is successful, shall not affect Customer's obligation to pay any Additional Monthly Usage Fees.

All of the Service plans listed above are for "residential accounts" only as described in the Customer Agreement. All usage of the Service shall remain subject to Mediacom's Acceptable Use Policy and the Customer Agreement. Without limitation, Customer's usage of the Service cannot restrict, inhibit, interfere with or otherwise disrupt or cause disruption, performance degradation of other users or impair or threaten to impair the operation of Mediacom's systems or network. Even with respect to Service plans that do not have a Monthly Usage Allowance, Customer's usage shall not be an overly large burden on Mediacom's network and shall be consistent with the usage of a typical residential user of the Service, as determined in Mediacom's sole discretion.