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We've got you covered! Whether you're streaming in every room, or surfing the web, pick an Internet Service that meets your needs. Connect using our state of the art, powerful network and get an unparalleled seamless experience.

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Internet 60

Cover the basics

Stream music, download files
and surf the web
  • Download speeds up to 60 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 5 Mbps
  • 400GB monthly usage allowance
  • 2-4 devices* simultaneously

Internet 100

Step-Up to Higher Speeds

Stream in HD, surf faster
and connect more devices
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 10 Mbps
  • 1000GB monthly usage allowance
  • 4-6 devices* simultaneously

Xtream 1 GIG

Empower Your Streaming

Surf, Stream HD and 4K video
and game with no lag
  • Download speeds up to 1 GB
  • Upload speeds up to 50 Mbps
  • 6000GB monthly usage allowance
  • Connect dozens of devices*

*Device count based on optimum performance and is significantly influenced by Internet activity.
†Upload & Download speeds may vary, see Open Internet Disclosure for information on factors that could cause speeds to vary

‡Excess usage will be billed at $10 for every increment of up to 50 additional gigabytes used. Usage allowances and excess usage charge are subject to change at any time. See monthly usage allowance for more details.

cross-section of house with wifi extenders in two rooms

Amplify your WiFi with

wifi 360 xtream logo

Xtream WiFi 360 is a multi-room WiFi system specifically designed to give you a fast, consistent connection throughout your whole home.

How it Works

Boost your in home WiFi's range to ensure a strong, fast signal in every corner of your home, and even in the yard! By adding WiFi 360 Extenders in key areas of your home you can get a fast, consistent connection across the entire house. The number of extenders you need depends on the size and layout of your home.

small home layout

Standard WiFi

Small Home
With single router
500-1000 square feet
medium home layout with 1 wifi extender Xtream WiFi 360
Medium Home
With 1 Extender
1000-3000 square feet
large home layout with 2 wifi extenders Xtream WiFi 360
Large Home
With 2 Extenders
3000+ square feet

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Internet Security Included

Help protect up to 5 devices from spyware, viruses and hackers with Total Defenseā„¢ Internet Security Suite*

Offered to all Mediacom high-speed Internet customers, Total Defense Internet Security Suite provides smart and powerful protection for up to 5 of your personal devices including PC, Mac Computer, Android Mobile and Android Tablets.

Help protect your devices from security threats by using anti-spam, anti-spyware and anti-virus applications as well as personal firewall protection, anti-phishing and parental controls software. Think of it as peace-of-mind for you and your devices.

total defense logo

*Mediacom requires its internet access subscribers to take proactive steps, like using security software, to help protect their devices while connected to our service. While security software is designed to help protect computers and other devices against hacking, spam, phishing, spyware and viruses, there is no software available on the market that can protect against everything. Mediacom does not make any representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied that any such security software or the results of the use thereof, will operate without interruption, achieve any intended result, be compatible or work with any software, systems or other services, or be secure, accurate, complete, free from harmful code or error free. Further, Mediacom also does not assume any obligation or liability because of your use or failure to use such security software.

Stream in the park.

Surf on the road.

Browse at your picnic.

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