TV Listings Grid

Access seven channels of TV listings at a time, with a 90 minute view of each. Browse up to 24 hours of continuous program information.

Accessing the TV Listings Grid

  • Press GUIDE while watching TV
  • Press INFO from the On Now/On Next Banner

Program Types and Colors

  • Orange - Active Selection
  • Blue - General Programs
  • Green - Sports
  • Magenta* - Kids
  • Purple - Movies

Browsing the TV Listings Grid

  • Assess the TV Listings Grid.
  • Use the arrow keys to move UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT through the grid one program or channel at a time.
  • Use the PAGE +/- keys to page up and down through the guide (seven channels at a time).
  • Highlight a program and quick info will display in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Tuning From the TV Listings Grid
Highlight a program airing now and simply press OK/Enter on the remote control to tune to that channel.

*Kids program type and color (magenta) may not be supported by all guides.

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