On Now/On Next Banner

Get instant information on what's currently playing and what's coming up next.

Accessing What's On Now

  • Change CHANNELS +/- keys while watching TV, or
  • Press INFO while watching TV

Accessing What's On Next

  • Press the RIGHT button to see what’s 'On Next'
  • ON NEXT will become highlighted in Orange
  • Press LEFT to return to what’s 'On Now'

Browsing other Channels

  • To browse programming on other channels use the UP and DOWN buttons. The On Now/On Next Banner will display information for that channel
  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT to toggle between what's 'On Now' and what's 'On Next'
  • To tune to a program airing now, press OK/Enter


  • Device Name

    Shows the device (DVR) currently paired with TotalGuide xD. Tap to select another device or modify.

    Wrench Icon

    Tap to customize your Favorite Networks and Hot List.


    Tap See All to view the expanded area and swipe left to review additional choices. Tap Record to schedule a recording.

    My DVR

    Shows programs scheduled to record on your DVR. Tap to modify or cancel.

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