Parental Controls

Set viewing restrictions by channel and rating. Locked programs cannot be viewed until the assigned PIN is entered.

Setting Up Your PIN

  • Press MENU on the Remote Control.
  • Press OK/Enter. A pop-up window. appears for initial PIN setup.
  • Enter a 4 digit PIN of your choice.
  • The guide will prompt you to confirm your PIN again.
  • Once confirmed, the status column will read Set.

Locking By Ratings And Channels

  • Press MENU on the Remote Control.
  • Press RIGHT to highlight the second column. Enter the 4 digit PIN.
  • Press DOWN to highlight Channels, Movie Ratings or TV Ratings. The third column will populate with a rating or channel list. A lock or unlock icon will appear next to each
  • Press RIGHT to access the third column.
  • Use the UP and DOWN to navigate the list.
  • Highlight the desired channel or rating and press OK/Enter to initiate the lock. The lock icon will appear.
  • If the lock is already set, you can press OK/Enter to unlock. The icon will change to unlocked for ratings, or be removed for channels.
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