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Get online Xtream-ly fast! Simply follow these steps and you'll be
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Enable WiFi on your
wireless device

Select "XtreamWiFi" from
the list of available

Click "Let's Go!", log in
with your Mediacom ID,
follow the prompts, and
you're online!

Enable WiFi on your
wireless device

Select "XtreamWiFi" from
the list of available

Click "Let's Go!", then
"Continue As Guest", enter
your information

Enter the verification code
sent to your mobile number
and you're online!

Are Xtream Hotspots in my community?

Xtream Hotspots are currently available in 7 Xtream markets including:

  • Alabama

    Gulf Shores

  • Arizona

    Apache Junction

  • Missouri


    Jefferson City

  • Illinois

    Quad Cities


  • Iowa

    Des Moines


  • Minnesota


  • Georgia


  • Xtream Hotspots are free for all

    Xtream Hotspots provides FREE unlimited use for Mediacom Internet subscribers. And, Xtream Hotspots is FREE for 30 minutes a month to EVERYONE who doesn’t subscribe to Mediacom’s Internet service. When you connect to Xtream hotspots, you save on your wireless data plan

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Not a problem. Mediacom offers internet packages to fit every need. From 60 Mbps to 1Gig, we’ve got the speed for you. Packages include the best in-home Wi-Fi and the security of Total Defense™ to keep you safe online. Interested in more? Need TV and phone? Mediacom has those too. Learn More

Internet 60

Surf the web on up to 2-4*
devices, at the same time

up to

60 Mbps

download speeds
up to

5 Mbps

upload speeds

400 GB

monthly usage allowance^


per month
for 1 year*

Plus activation, installation,
modem rental, taxes & fees.

† Download and upload speeds are wired and may vary. See our open internet disclosure for more information factors that could cause speeds to vary.

^ Usage allowances are subject to change. For more information, see our Usage Allowance disclosure.

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