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Mediacom Value Plan Agreement               Effective Date: March 22, 2011

The Mediacom Value Plans offer discounted services for a 24 month period.  In order to receive the special monthly rates for the Digital Star Package and/or Mediacom Online you must agree to keep the service for  two years beginning on the date of installation, according to the schedule listed below.

After the contract period is over, the discounted rate will revert to the standard Mediacom rates in the local area. If you disconnect and fail to keep the service(s) for the length of this agreement you will be subject to an early termination fee (ETF) of up to $240.00. The ETF will be reduced by up to $30.00 every three months for the life of the 24-month contract. For example, if you disconnect services from 31 to 90 days after installation the ETF will be $240, and if you disconnect between days 91 and 180, the ETF will be $210, until the ETF goes away when the two-year agreement ends.

Contract Offer Matrix









24 Month Contract Rates

Early Termination Fees


First 12

Second 12

2 YR

Per Qtr



Digital Star Package/Online






Digital Star Package











Your contract with Mediacom consists of this agreement and Mediacom’s Terms and Conditions of Service, which are available in Pause Magazine, or by going to clicking on Customer Support and selecting Pause Magazine.  If you are not 100% satisfied with Mediacom service, you may disconnect during the first 30 days, and Mediacom will provide a full refund of the monthly service fee upon request. 
Federal, state and local taxes, governmental regulatory fees and surcharges, if any, are additional.  You are responsible for additional customer premise equipment and operating system required for Internet access service.

CUSTOMER ACCEPTANCE:  By placing this order online, I understand the terms of the contract and agree to pay termination fees in the event of an early cancellation.  I understand that a credit check may be required, and I authorize Mediacom to obtain information about my credit history and to share information with credit reporting agencies.  I also understand that any disputes with Mediacom will be resolved by individual arbitration and not in court. 


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