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full speed ahead pick the speed that fits your needs
How do you use the web? Whether it's just you on your PC, or your entire family accessing the web simultaneously on multiple devices, Mediacom's broad variety of Internet high speed levels power the needs of each household member. With our cable exclusive DOCSIS 3.0 technology, Mediacom’s high speed services offer more than speed; they come with free security tools, 24/7 customer support, email addresses for the entire family and exclusive content.
3 Mbps – Launch: Download speed up to 3 Mbps and Upload speed up to 512 KB, Monthly Usage Allowance is 150 GB† No dial-up, no waiting, only an instant connection to the Internet. It's the fast and easy way to watch YouTube®, search for directions on Mapquest®, and Google® search, quickly. Just the speed you need to send emails or quickly download photos.
15 Mbps – Prime: Download speed up to 15 Mbps and Upload speed up to 1 Mbps, Monthly Usage Allowance is 250 GB† Prime offers a great speed at a great price for multi-user households. That means it's simple and easy for kids to play games, adults to pay bills or shop and other family members to surf their favorite sites - all at the same time.
30 Mbps – Prime Plus: Download speed up to 50 Mbps and Upload speed up to 5 Mbps, Monthly Usage Allowance is 350 GB† Prime Plus is a super speedway for multiple tasks that require speed and more broadband capacity. It's the ideal speed for gamers who need to respond fast, and households with multiple users and multiple devices.
50 Mbps – Ultra: Download speed up to 100 Mbps and Upload speed up to 10 Mbps, Monthly Usage Allowance is 2000 GB† 21st century speed that uses the new and faster DOCSIS - 3.0 modem! It's ideal for running multiple media streams, reducing lag time, and improving delivery of mega data.
105 Mbps – Ultra Plus: Download speed up to 150 Mbps and Upload speed up to 10 Mbps, Monthly Usage Allowance is 2000 GB† Get on the Internet with super speeds that allow you and others in your home to simultaneously use the Internet to download full-length movies or watch streaming HD shows without lag time. Mediacom is the first to introduce this residential speed in our service areas.
150 Mbps - Ultra Plus 3T: Download speed up to 150 Mbps and Upload speed up to 10 Mbps, Monthly Usage Allowance is 3000 GB† With 3,000 GB of monthly usage allowance and super-fast speed; your entire household can download up to 8,000 songs, watch up to 500 one hour TV shows, stream 1,250 SD & 600 HD movies plus more every single month!
*Upload and download speeds may vary. Not all speeds available in all areas.
faster internet means less time waiting, more time enjoying
With Mediacom’s always faster internet you’ll get a full suite of security tools and multiple email addresses included for free. Plus, you can even add hassle-free WiFi and exclusive premium content like ESPN3 for one low price. Mediacom has the speed you need at a price you can afford that is faster than standard 1.5 Mbps phone line DSL.
it's not just speed. it's what you do with it!
What speed do you need? Multiple users on multiple devices need more bandwidth for a hassle-free Internet experience. Gamers need instant speed to stay in the game while busy moms need the speed to quickly look-up directions or download the kid’s favorite videos. Mediacom's variety of high-speed service levels means you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying everything the Internet has to offer.
Prime Plus is our most popular speed!
Huge data capacity included with every speed level
Sending a ton of emails or like watching movies streamed in HD? No matter what your online activities are, Mediacom Internet services come with huge data allowances, so you and your family can do more and enjoy more online.
high speed service monthly data allowance
Mediacom Launch 150 GB
Mediacom Prime
250 GB
Mediacom Prime Plus 350 GB
Mediacom Ultra
999 GB
Mediacom Ultra Plus
2000 GB
Mediacom Ultra Plus 3T
3000 GB
You can easily check your data usage by checking your Internet Usage Report. The Internet Usage Report is a fair and accurate way to show all customers their data capacity, so that they can do more and enjoy more with their Mediacom Internet service. It also provides trending information on data consumption, so customers can determine if their level of service is sufficient for their household needs.
our service guarantees easy ecobilling - view and pay your bill online
90-day money-back guarantee Mediacom is in your community, so you can depend upon 24/7 customer care. Our TV, Internet and Phone services come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Find out more Get one simple, easy-to-read bill for all of your Mediacom services. And, when you enroll in EcoBilling, you can view your monthly bill and pay it online. Find out more
*Download and upload speeds are not guaranteed and may vary. Service is available to residential customers only and not available in all areas. †The data customers send and receive each month will contribute to monthly data usage. Speeds and usage allowances remain subject to change. Greater usage will result in additional charges of $10, excluding taxes and fees, for every increment of up to 50 additional Gigabytes used. For example, if usage exceeds the allowance by 51 Gigabytes, an additional charge of $20 will result. Usage cannot exceed that of a typical residential customer and must conform to the requirements of the Mediacom Residential Customer & User Agreement and Mediacom's Acceptable Use Policy. Usage allowances are subject to change by Mediacom at any time. Refer to the Additional Terms and Conditions for complete details of the usage allowance.

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