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Introducing Xtream WiFi 360. A multi-room WiFi system specifically designed to give you greater coverage throughout your whole home.

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No more dead spots with X-Spots

Your home's square footage, number of floors and layout can all affect the speed and strength of your WiFi. By adding X-Spots in key areas of your home, Xtream WiFi 360 scales to fit its exact size and shape giving you a fast, consistent connection everywhere you go.

Standard WiFi

Small Home
500-1000 square feet
Xtream WiFi 360
Medium Home
1000-3000 square feet
Xtream WiFi 360
Large Home
3000+ square feet

Fast, Easy and Professionally Installed

During the installation process, our technician will first perform a Mediacom Home Networking WiFi verification to ensure the best locations to set-up these WiFi access points and make sure the set-up provides a great experience where you use your wireless devices in and around your whole home. If there are areas that do not have adequate coverage, then we will recommend additional solutions to you before completing the job. In the end your WiFi will be everywhere you want and need it to be.

Benefits of Mediacom
Xtream WiFi360

  • 360 Complete Coverage

    Xtream WiFi360, along with a Mediacom MoCA enabled gateway, provides up to 3 WiFi access points in your home so you can get great coverage and performance throughout your house.

  • Robust Network Connection

    Works over the MoCA network rather than WiFi-to-WiFi. This gives a more robust setup because we use the coax network in the house and are not simply repeating a wireless signal over-the-air.

  • Professional Install & Continued Service

    Professionally installed and supported by Mediacom Internet specialists. In addition Mediacom will maintain servicing of equipment to ensure performance.