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1Gig for all

Our new gigabit platform vastly expands broadband capacity, providing every Mediacom internet customer where 1Gig is available with an even more reliable and robust network. 1Gig’s broadband volume increases today’s online usage capabilities and is ready to accommodate the new technological advances of the future.

1Gig means more people in your household, can do more, on more devices seamlessly. So, there’s no more slowdowns or draining your internet power especially during peak times and when more online technology is running simultaneously like TV Everywhere, online gaming, security cameras and your smart fridge.

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Not available in all areas. Upload & Download speeds may vary. Usage allowances are subject to change.

What’s so great about 1Gig speed?

Downloads in an Instant

Why wait? Download an entire 2-hour HD movie in under a minute. Songs, photos, documents – most files download in less than a second.

Stream Simultaneously

Whether you’re binge-watching a series online, streaming a movie or jamming out on your favorite music app, everyone can enjoy what they want, how they want, on multiple devices, all at the same time.

Great Gaming

Experience high quality, real-time online gaming with less lags, pixels or audio glitches. All your favorite games, the way they were meant to be played.

What can you do with 1Gig?

4K Ultra HD video streaming is the way of the future and requires 25 Mbps to stream 1 video.

Ultra-fast internet for 1Gig users and increased service performance for existing customers

A platform built for multiple users, devices and ready to run future technology

Enough speed to stay thoroughly connected