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Cable TV

Family Cable An all-star selection
Digital Cable Take your pick from 5 Star Paks
On Demand TV in an instant
Digital Plus A new level of digital network entertainment
HDTV High Definition TV - Amazing picture and sound
DVR Mediacom's Digital Video Recorder gives you control

Mediacom Online® 5Mbps High-Speed Internet Service
Mediacom Online® 10Mbps High-Speed Internet Service
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#Phone Service Unlimited calling for one low rate#
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Parental Controls Star Paks Mediacom DVR SM Mediacom HDTV SM BillPay
Mediacom gives you the information and tools to manage your family's TV viewing. Choose from Mediacom's 5 Digital Star Paks with great prices and great value. Record, stop, view and even pause live TV whenever you want. Mediacom's service brings you more ways to get the most from high-definition TV sets. Manage your account and pay your bill online. It's easy to sign-up.
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