Speed Dialing

This is a service that shortens up to eight frequently called phone numbers to a single digit.

To store speed dial numbers:
  1. Listen for dialtone and dial *74.
  2. Wait to hear stuttertone and then regular dialtone again.
  3. Enter the number to store the speed dial number in (only 2 through 9) followed by the number to store.
    Local number = 7 digits: 384-1212
    Long distance number = 11 digits for 1+ dialing: 1-606-384-1212
  4. Press the # key.
  5. Wait for stuttertone.
  6. Hang up.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 above for each number stored.
  8. To replace a telephone number with another number for one of the speed dial codes, repeat steps 1-6 above to store a different number using the same speed dial code. This will overwrite the old stored number with the new one.

To dial speed dial numbers:
  1. Dial the number (code) that the speed dial number is store in (2 through 9).
  2. Press the # key.
  3. The number will be dialed immediately.