No  dial tone

A. Verify modem lights and connections:

i. Verify the number of cables connected to the back of the modem. There should be 4 cables connected to the modem:

a. Power cord
b. Coaxial cable
c. Phone line: Tel1 (usually labeled Tel1/2 on the back)
d. Ethernet or USB, but not both – EMTA modems are configured to enable one (1) Internet connection and one (1) phone connection

• Connecting both Ethernet and USB will disable the phone and result in ‘no dial tone’
• Using both connections may also cause slow speeds while browsing the Internet

ii. When the phone is hung up, Tel1 should be solid. Tel1 (usually labeled Tel1/2 on the back) will flash when the phone is in use. If Tel1 (usually labeled Tel1/2 on the back) is flashing and no one is using the phone, it is possible that one of the phones is ‘off the hook’

• Check all phones by turning on and off

iii. If Tel2 starts flashing when the phone is picked up – the phone line is plugged into Tel2 and needs to be changed to Tel1 (usually labeled Tel1/2 on the back)

B. Bypass the home’s inside wiring by plugging one phone directly into the modem (Tel1/2 on the back of the modem)

i. If using a powered phone base, make sure to plug the base into the power outlet

C. The modem provides power to the home’s phone jacks, but occasionally the power level may fluctuate

Usually in this case, some phones may work, some may not, or there may be noise on the line. Noise on the line could also indicate older or bare wiring picking up other signals

a. May require a Mediacom technician and/or an electrician to check the home’s wiring
b. One phone connected directly to the modem and working may require a Mediacom technician and/or an electrician to check the home’s wiring

D. Check for outlet splitter – allows two phone cords to be plugged into one outlet (usually used to connect a phone to the same outlet the modem is connected to in order to power the homes outlets and have a phone with the modem)

These splitters don’t always fit snugly and can become disconnected while still plugged in

• Unplug and reinsert into the outlet
• Remove completely

E. Restart the modem, router (if present), and computer after making changes

Follow instructions on “How to Restart EMTA Modem