Run a speed test

Mediacom does not directly offer a speed test on our website. We do generally recommend
that customers try either or for their
speed test needs. It should be noted, Mediacom HSD Ultra packages provide speeds that
many speed tests are not capable of achieving, and running a test with these connections
will very likely fail or give inaccurate data. Remember, when doing a speed test, always
pick a site that is geographically near you for most accurate results. Additionally, please
note that there are factors that can influence the results of these tests. Before running a
speed test, please stop all other activity that would use your internet connection. If you
have a router, we strongly recommend disconnecting it and plugging your computer directly
into the modem. Finally, older computers may not be able to achieve the speeds listed for
our service. The computer may have a network card that is limited to 10mb, or the
processor simply may not be able to keep up with the speeds. Always use the most modern
computer you own to run a test like this, for accuracy.