I am being sent to the Mediacom Walled Garden Page

If you are being sent to Walled Garden, there are a few different possibilities. First, and
simplest, your modem may have become unregistered. This could be caused by a simple
glitch on our end, or another modem being registered to your account. Second, your
computer may have a 10. IP address, again due to a minor glitch, or a router that has not
been properly reset to pick up a new IP. Finally, your service may currently be suspended.
There could be a few reasons for this. The most common are as follows:
1. Past due bill. At 53 days past due (45 days in Georgia) on a payment, regardless of
amount, service is automatically suspended and a disconnect order is entered. Generally
this is scheduled for disconnect approximately two weeks beyond the suspend date.
Non-digital cable channels will continue working until service is physically disconnected, but all
remaining service will be automatically suspended until a payment is entered.
2. Spam/AUP violation. It is Mediacom's policy to institute suspension of service for
customers found to be violating our Acceptable Use Policy, or sending out spam mails. If
your account is suspended for either of these things, we recommend that you verify that
any wireless router you have is secure, and that your computer is free of viruses that may
be sending out the data. If you are not sure of how to do these things, please contact a
local computer technician. After both of these things have been accomplished, please
contact customer care so we may resume your service.