How do I use the playback controls?

You can play back your video recordings using the video control buttons.

As you watch live TV and recorded programs, press PAUSE and the video on your TV screen instantly freezes. No more missing the climactic scene of a movie or the winning play of the game! For programs you are watching live, your DVR will remain in pause for up to 90 minutes.*
Press PLAY to resume normal play of the program.

Slow Motion
Ever wonder what the referees are looking at when they review a controversial play? Your DVR is equipped with slow-forward and slow-rewind functions to give you crisp and clear slow motion images. o To activate slow-forward, press PAUSE and then FAST FORWARD.

Instant Replay
With Instant Replay, you can go back to see the last play of the game or replay the last scene of your movie. Just press PAGE REPLAY on your remote to replay the last 15 seconds.
Press PAGE REPLAY repeatedly to continue skipping back in 15-second increments.
Return to Live TV
Anytime you pause or rewind a live program, the show continues to be broadcast in real time. To return to live programming, press LIVE TV.
Because your DVR has two tuners, it can buffer (temporarily record) two different programs at the same time. While recording two programs, you can watch and control either program up to the point of live TV by using the SWAP button on your remote. The SWAP button allows you to toggle between two live programs while retaining control of both.

Note: The SWAP button is the key to keeping the buffer for both programs. If you change channels without using SWAP, you will lose the buffer.