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  Why do I get a message "one
  moment please" on my TV?

  What can I do if i get the
  message "To Be Announced"
  in the channel guide?

  There is a blue bar on the TV
  screen that says "Not
  Authorized" Why?

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Troubleshooting other Digital Cable TV Problems

» There is a blue bar on the TV screen that says "One Moment Please"

» I get the message "To Be Announced" in the channel guide

» There is blue bar on the TV screen that says "Not Authorized"

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» The picture on HD channels is no better than regular channels

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» No sound and the volume is up on the TV

» The yellow power light is off on the set top box and the set top box is not turned off.

» The Guide/Menu does not appear.

» Blue Screen or Other VCR-Related Problems

» Absence of Graphics, Closed Captions, or Program Guides on the TV Screen

» Interactive Guide with No Program Listing

» No Sound

» Blank Screen or Snowy Picture

» Missing channels

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