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  Mediacom regularly conducts
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  Why do I get a message "one
  moment please" on my TV?

  What can I do if i get the
  message "To Be Announced"
  in the channel guide?

  There is a blue bar on the TV
  screen that says "Not
  Authorized" Why?

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  Understanding Your Bill
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 Here is some information about your Mediacom cable bill and payment options.

  Your account with us is assigned a specific billing "cycle" period, always starting on the same day
  each month. Your monthly billing statement will be similar to the example shown.

  A printer-friendly PDF of this article can be found in our Customer Handbook which is available here

1. Our local address

2. Date bill was produced

3. Your Mediacom account number

4. Our Phone Number

5. Your service or billing address

6. Summary of charges and payments

7. Date payment is due

8. Additional information and

9. Date your statement was produced

10. Your Mediacom account number

11. Your name and service or billing

12. Amount due this statement

13. Date payment is due

14. Payment amount

15. Payment return address

16. Account detail

17. Previous balance

18. Payments

19. Monthly charges

20. Taxes, fees & surcharges

21. Amount due this statement

22. Change of address notification

  Additional Fees and Charges

  Additional Fee

  Payments received after the due date shown on your billing statement will be subject to an additional

  Insufficient Funds Charge

  When your Mediacom payment reaches the bank before your money does, your check will be returned
  to us with a notice of insufficient funds. Due to the resulting payment delay and office handling, a fee

  Field Collection Charge

  When we are required to go to your home to collect payment for past due service, a field collection
  charge applies.


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