Can I call 911?

You can report police, medical, fire and other emergencies by dialing 911 and be connected
to a live emergency operator. In areas where the local public safety network supports
Enhanced 911 service, your address will be displayed for the emergency operator to direct
emergency personnel to your location. With Mediacom phone, you do not need to register
your address for 911. We will do it for you when we set up your account. However, if there
is an extended outage, or if Mediacom's network is inoperable, your Mediacom phone
service will not operate, including the ability to call 911. We do recommend maintaining
alternative service such as a cellular phone in case of a power outage or an outage on
Mediacom's network. If you are not able to maintain another phone service, and do require
911 access at all times due to health problems or something similar, it may be better for
you to consider a more traditional type of phone service that is suitable to your needs.