Why does my TV work when my internet doesn't?

This is a somewhat complicated question to answer. All three of Mediacom's services are
somewhat independent of each other, and do not necessarily require the others to function.
This statement can also be somewhat misleading. First of all, all services through Mediacom
come into your home over a coaxial cable line. This is the same sort of cable that connects
physically to your television. If there is no signal coming across this line, none of your
services will function. The most simple signal, and the one most resilient to interference, is
cable TV. The TV signal is the root of our service, and other services actually function by
riding on specific frequencies or channels within the TV range. Digital cable is the next
service up. It can function properly even with some signal loss, though there may be tiling,
blackouts, or sound problems. Our internet service comes next. With a small amount of
interference, the internet connection will continue working, but will run slower than normal,
or be intermittent. Finally, the phone. Phone requires a higher quality of signal than any of
the other services, and has more obvious effects when it is not working properly.

From this information, we come to outages, and why some services work when others
don't. Once again, to reiterate, if regular (non-digital) TV service is currently not working
on any channel, no other services through us will work. This is an absolute statement, and
there is no way around it. Digital cable, internet, and phone, all have the potential to
function as long as that signal is present. Internet and phone, however, are tied together
somewhat. If your internet and phone are both not working, either there is a fairly severe
signal problem at your home, or there is a service outage of some kind. If either service is
working while the other is not, there is a very high chance that the problem is localized to
your home, and can be solved with simple troubleshooting. Also, of course, digital cable
can go out without affecting either of the remaining services.

While this answer is not complete, there is no good way to give a complete answer on this
question. There are far too many edge cases where something can go wrong which will
prevent one or multiple services from working. If you would like further details on this,
please feel free to contact customer care, and we would be glad to answer any further
questions you have.