What is Standby and how do I know if my modem is in it?

Many, though not all, modems offer the ability to be put into Standby. This effectively stops
ALL connection to the internet. It is as simple to activate and deactivate as pushing a
button on your modem. Do not hold the Standby button. Simply press it all the way in and
release it to activate or deactivate the feature. Diagnosing whether or not it is in Standby is
a bit more difficult, varying from modem to modem that supports it. A basic list of brands
and how to tell if they are in Standby is below.

RCA - RCA phone modems do not support Standby. Their traditional cable modems, the
DCM series, have a button on the front, near the lights. Generally, if an RCA modem is in
Standby, the PC Link and Cable Link lights will be on, but no other lights will be. The PC
link light may flash in this circumstance as well.

Motorola - Motorola modems, phone modems included, have their button on top of the
modem. When they are in Standby, generally all of the lights except Standby light will be
off, while it will be on. If you see a Standby light on a Motorola modem, regardless of the
state of the other lights, it is in Standby, and the button will need to be pressed to resume

Arris - Only the Arris TM402G offers Standby. The status is indicated on these modems by
the DS and US lights flashing in unison, while the Online light is off. The button will be at
the end of the row of lights.