How do I power cycle my modem?

Power cycling is frequently the first step taken in troubleshooting. For most modems,
power cycling is a matter of just unplugging the power cable (either from the electrical
socket in the wall, or from the back of the modem itself), waiting 30 seconds, and plugging
it back in. Certain modems that Mediacom offers are designed with phone service in mind.
Many of these phone modems also include a backup battery to allow the modem to stay on
even when power is disconnected. Depending on the model of modem, this battery will be
found either in a compartment on the bottom or back of the modem. If you have
unplugged the power cable from your modem, and any of the lights are still on, check for a
battery and try removing that. After you have plugged the power cord back into the
modem, it is safe to put the battery back in.