My mailbox is full!  How can I fix it?
The maximum amount of data available per email address on our system is 1GB (gigabyte).  If your account is full, all inbound messages will be automatically rejected, with no indication to the user.  At the top-left corner of your webmail, just below your email address, is a bar that shows a visual indicator of your free space.  White space is good.  If the bar is not white at all, you are full to capacity.  You can get an exact amount of usage displayed by placing your mouse over this bar. 
To empty Junk and Trash Folders in the Zimbra Advanced Version, simply right click the folder, and choose the Empty Junk or Empty Trash option in the menu that comes up.


The system will give you a confirmation message to make certain you want to delete the messages.  Click Ok to confirm deletion.

If you are using the Zimbra Standard Version, go into either the Junk or Trash folder, and click the Empty Junk or Empty Trash button in the menu bar to the right.  (Link )