How can I record future programs on my VCR?

Select the program you want to record from the TV Listings.
Press Info to bring up the program information screen.
Select the icon from the bottom of the screen.
Select Record Future Program.
Once the cable box is set, a message will display reminding you to also set your VCR to record the program.
Turn on your VCR and follow the manufacturer's instructions to program it to record the program.
When the program starts, your cable box will automatically tune to the program so that your VCR can record it. After you set up a recording on your cable box, you must also set up your VCR to record, following the manufacturer's instructions.
If you try to change channels while recording a program, the following message will display: "Your recording is in progress. Changing the channel will stop this recording." However, if your VCR is still on and you do change the channel, the VCR will record the new channel that you tune to.