Symmetrical Speed. Greater Reliability.

10G is a broadband technology platform that can handle more data, more connected devices, and in the future provide 10x faster speeds than today’s fastest cable broadband networks.

The 10G platform is not a single technology, but rather a collection of technologies and upgrades that have been implemented together to bring you, your family, and your business the speed and capacity needed to power the future.

With the launch of our 10G platform, we will shift to a network that prioritizes upstream traffic, paving the way for more bandwidth-heavy data-driven technologies like augmented reality, telehealth, and even faster internet speeds. This upgrade allows us to provide a symmetrical 1 GIG Internet service, upgrade our tv services and continue to improve network health, latency, security, and overall reliability.

Powering the Future needs of your Connected Life.

The 10G platform will provide the bandwidth to power new innovations that will transform how we work, learn, play, and do business. As the number of connected devices in your home increases the 10G platform will provide the capacity, reliability, and security to power your digital home more efficiently. Technologies like virtual & augmented reality will inform the future of business, education and telehealth.

Plus, new technologies like Proactive Network Maintenance and Transparent Security will form the backbone of a network that finds issues before they escalate into problems, and quickly identify network attacks, reducing downtime from local and larger networks.

Your TV just got smarter.

Bring your video entertainment into one place with the new smart box! Enjoy all of your TV channels plus download your favorite apps from the Google Play™ store on a single device. Find what you want instantly with the Xtream Voice Remote. Just say what you’re looking for and options from TV channels and Apps will appear. Plus, the smart box runs on your home WiFi with no coaxial cable required so you can place this box virtually anywhere in your home.

Get Connected to the 10G Platform.

If you are a current Xtream powered by Mediacom customer, log in to your account to view our Upgrade Map and see when your neighborhood will be upgraded to our 10G Platform.