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TiVoŽ, its the 
                                 easiest way to watch exactly what you want!
With TiVo® service from Mediacom choosing what to watch is now as much fun as actually watching it. Use one simple menu to search across TV listings, stream Pandora® and On Demand content. Plus, you can get TiVo service on 3 TV sets. That means more choices to record a show from any room in the house or even from your IPhone or Android device with our TiVo app.
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convenient browsing smart suggestions
In the mood for an Oscar winner?
Browse by collection and make
your pick.
  The TiVo DVR gets to know what
you like and suggests shows
based on your interests.
simple search features   intuitive HD menu
Quickly and easily: search all
movies and shows by channel,
actor, title and more.
  See everything from what's New
On Demand to what's popular and
On Now. Even access content
from Pandora!
pick any room to view your favorite shows
It's official — with a DVR there's no longer a need for one official TV room. That's because our Whole House DVR service gives you more choices for watching and recording TV on your schedule. You can record up to 6 programs at once. Pause and rewind Live TV on all wired TVs in your home. You can record a show in one room and resume watching it in another.
DVR – simple, fast and easy programming for all TV
With a Mediacom digital video recorder (DVR), you can watch your favorite shows on your schedule. Pause live TV or rewind and fast-forward shows to create your own instant replay.

There is no time or channel to set or tape to run out. All you need is a remote and DVR receiver. You can store up to 350 hours of digital programs, or nearly 75 hours of high-definition programs.

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