Reset phone modem

Restarting the phone modem will disconnect the call if the phone is in use.

  1. Unplug the power from the modem - if the lights do not go off there is a battery that needs removed
  2. If are using a router, unplug the power from the router
  3. Shut down the computer(s)
  4. Wait at least 30 seconds
  5. Verify the telephone cord is plugged into the port labeled Tel 1/2 or Tel 1
  6. Plug the power in to the modem and wait until the lights return to the normal pattern
  7. Plug the power in to the router and wait until the lights are back on
  8. Start the computer(s)

If you are still having problems connecting to the Internet, no dial tone or other phone issues, or the lights on the modem are not correct, contact Internet Technical Support