Dial tone is present, but not able to access the Internet or email.

Verify the modem is not in ‘Standby’ (if the modem has this option)

  1. Push the button labeled ‘Standby’ and the lights should return to normal (the ‘Standby’ light will be lit if the modem is in standby)
  2. RCA or Thompson modems will usually have one of the following  buttons
  3. Power, On/Off,  or Internet On/Off – pushing the button should return the lights to normal

    Verify modem lights and connections.

    There should be 4 cables connected to the modem:

    1. Power cord
    2. Coaxial cable
    3. Phone line: Tel1 (usually labeled Tel1/2 on the back)
    4. Ethernet or USB, but not both – phone modems are configured to enable one Internet connection and one  phone connection
    5. When the phone is hung up, Tel1 /Tel 2 should be solid.

      Tel1 /Tel 2 will flash when the phone is in use.

      If Tel1 (usually labeled Tel1/2 on the back) is flashing and no one is using the phone, it is possible that one of the phones is ‘off the hook’

      If Tel2 starts flashing when the phone is picked up – the phone line is plugged into Tel2 and needs to be changed to Tel1 (usually labeled Tel1/2 on the back)