What is the speed of my service?

You can find the name of the internet service package you have on your bill. From there, please match to the following to determine the speed of your service. All speeds are measured in kilobits.

HSI Intro - 3000kb down, 256kb up. Our great broadband starter service that gives you a fast, reliable connection to the Internet. With download speeds of up to 3Mbps, 24/7 customer support and security tools like anti-spam and pop-up blockers; Mediacom Online Intro is affordable and much faster than dial-up service or 1.5Mbps DSL service.

HSI Online / HSI Res / HSD Service - 12000kb down, 1000kb up. Includes a full suite of security tools, huge mailbox storage, multiple email addresses and great values on excusive premium content — all at super prices that you just can’t get with DSL or dial-up. With Mediacom Online’s faster download speeds, you get more power to enjoy all the Internet has to offer like watching popular hit shows streamed in high definition from ABC, NBC and CBS – that’s something even DSL 3Mbps can’t do!

Mediacom VIP
VIP Pak includes all three Mediacom services: Video, Internet and Phone and an automatic upgrade to VIP Online with 15Mbps as well as Web Boost, which delivers short bursts of web browsing speed to load web pages at up to 30 Mbps.

HSI Max - 20000kb down, 2000kb up. Mediacom Online Max is a super speedway for home networking and online gaming. Mediacom Online Max is packed with advanced features including home networking* for multiple connections in the home and branded premium content at no additional monthly charge. Mediacom Online Max automatically includes all of the content, security tools and features of Mediacom Online.

HSI Intro - 3000kb down, 256kb up
HSI Online - 1200kb down, 1000kb up
Mediacom VIP - 15000kb down, 800kb up
HSI Max - 20000kb down, 2000kb up