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  Why do I get a message "one
  moment please" on my TV?

  What can I do if i get the
  message "To Be Announced"
  in the channel guide?

  There is a blue bar on the TV
  screen that says "Not
  Authorized" Why?

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  Internet Troubleshooting

» What are the system requirements to use Mediacom internet service?

» What is a MAC address?

» What is an IP address?

» What is my IP address?

» What do different IP addresses mean?

» What is Standby mode and how do I know if my modem is in it?

» Why does my TV work when my internet doesn't?

» What is a Proxy Server, and should I use one?

» What is a Ping? How do I Ping something?

» What is DNS?

» What type of connection does Mediacom use?

» What is DHCP

» Set my homepage

» What is the difference between the Mediacom Home Networking package and
    using my own wireless router?

» Verify the speed of my service

» Run a speed test

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