How do I update the Market Watch component or add new stock symbols?

The Market Watch component functions in three ways:

  1. Stock Symbol Quickview of Price and Change: Right in the component, you can have up to seven of your favorite stocks show up (the default setting is for S&P 500 and NASDAQ). Simply click "Edit" and enter your stock symbols. (If you do not know your stock symbol, see that function.) Note: Editing your stock symbol will remove the S&P 500 and NASDAQ from the view.
  2. Get a Quote: Enter any stock symbol and click on enter or "go" to learn more about that stock. Entering a stock symbol will take you to another page for an in-depth view of the stock. You will see the following tabs:
    Market Summary
    A-Z listings
    World Markets
    CEO Wealthmeter
    Currencies & Calculators
  3. Symbol Look Up: Look up any company on the stock market by clicking on the "Symbol Look Up" button. In the search for box, enter the company's name, click enter or "Lookup," then click on the stock symbol that comes up or add it to your Stock Symbol Quickview.