How do I avoid Sidebar or Letterbox damage (burn-in)?

Persistent viewing of programs with sidebars or letterboxing over long periods of time may degrade the picture quality of your HDTV by reducing your HDTV's ability to display colors evenly across the screen.
With your TV's remote, press the FORMAT (aspect ratio) button (if available) as needed, stretching or zooming to adjust the picture display until any black (or gray/ white) sidebars are eliminated. (Since letterboxing is done by the content provider, letterboxed programs cannot always be completely zoomed to fill the screen. (See your TV's manual for details.) Pausing DVDs or videos for extended periods of time can also cause burn-in. Mediacom will not be held responsible for any burn-in on your HDTV set.
The On-Screen Menu
Use the On-Screen Menu* to tailor your HD set top box to the capabilities of your HDTV. This allows the HD set top box to automatically optimize both standard and high-definition video, based on your HDTV and personal preferences. To access the On-Screen Menu, power ON your HDTV and power OFF the HD set top box. Press the MENU button on either your remote control or the HD set top box front panel to call up the On-Screen Display.* You may use either the HD set top box front panel or the remote control to navigate the display.
The arrow on the left indicates the position of the cursor.
Press the and buttons to select the setting you wish to change.
Press the button to select an option for that setting.
To exit the setting and move to another setting, use the and buttons.
Press the POWER or MENU button to exit the menu and save your settings.
TV Type
The first user setting is TV TYPE. Your selection tells the HD set top box what type of TV you have and how you prefer to watch widescreen programming.Your choices are 16:9, 4:3 Letterbox or 4:3 Pan Scan.
Choose 16:9 if you have a wide screen HDTV.
Choose 4:3 Letterbox if you have a standard TV and you prefer to watch widescreen programming in its original aspect ratio.
Choose 4:3 Pan Scan if you have a standard screen TV and you prefer that widescreen programming is cropped to fill your screen. Think of this last choice as watching a theater-style movie that has been reformatted to fit your standard screen TV.
Next, use the down arrow to select Y Pb Pr OUTPUT. This setting indicates the picture resolution you prefer when watching high-definition programming. The choices, listed in order of highest to lowest picture resolution, are 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Your selection will depend on which format(s) your HDTV supports. To maximize your high-definition viewing experience, refer to your television set owner's manual and use the button to choose the setting that indicates the highest picture resolution that your television will support.
Finally, use the down button arrow to select 4:3 OVERRIDE. By selecting 480i or 480p, you are telling the HD set top box to send standard-definition programming to your TV in its original broadcast format. Select OFF and the HD set top box will default to the resolution selected in the Y Pb Pr OUTPUT setting above. To exit and save changes, press the POWER or MENU button. For more details on configuring your HD set top box output settings, including setting closed caption preferences, see the Motorola HD set top box user guide or visit