What is the status bar?

Status Bar
The Status Bar appears whenever you pause, rewind or fast forward a live program. It also gives you information such as the title of the program you are watching, the source of the program and duration of time. The yellow position bar indicates where you are in the program. Green indicates the length of the program you are watching. White indicates the length of other programs available in the buffer. Red indicates that you are watching a recording in progress.

As you watch live TV and recorded programs, press PAUSE and the video on your TV screen instantly freezes. No more missing the climactic scene of a movie or the winning play of the game! For programs you are watching live, your DVR will remain in pause for up to 90 minutes. Press PLAY to resume normal play of the program.

Want to review a portion of your live show? It's a snap with DVR. Press REWIND. Press it again up to 4 times to increase the rewind speed. REW, REW2, REW3 and REW4 will appear on screen. REW is the slowest setting and REW4 is the fastest. Press REWIND a fifth time or press PLAY to resume normal play.

Fast Forward
For programs you are watching live, FAST FORWARD can be activated if you have paused or rewound the program. Press FAST FORWARD to move forward in the program. Press it up to 4 times to increase the fast forward speed. FF, FF2, FF3 and FF4 will appear on screen. FF is the slowest setting and FF4 is the fastest.
Note: You can only fast forward up to the point of live broadcast.